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Lorenz Deepmax X3 Metal Detector

Find Gold 25-40 Feet Deep


Used to detect single coins, buried caches, and hidden treasures (gold & silver), Lorenz deep searching metal detectors are very easy to use. Just set the audio to your preferred threshold level and start scanning. No adjustments are required. Lorenz ignores practically all types of minerals.

Lorenz Pulse induction metal detector models are capable of detecting targets to extreme depths. Lorenz (deep) metal detectors are pulse intermittent transmission types. A large electrical current is pulsed through the coil winding. A very intense, powerful, electromagnetic field is generated, which flows out into the surrounding ground at a given cycle period. The electromagnetic field contains a large amount of energy: some is "captured" by metal targets. The captured energy is in the form of eddy currents, which flow on the surface of the metal. The better the conductivity of the metal (gold bars, coins, plates and other nonferrous treasures), the longer eddy currents will flow. These currents create a secondary electromagnetic field that flows outward from the target and passes through the pulse antenna, where some of its energy generates a signal. This signal is amplified and conditioned to drive the audio, which alerts the operator to the presence of metal. With Lorenz, deep treasure can now be found Now is the best time to buy a LORENZ PULSE METAL DETECTOR!.

Product Diagrams

Comes with
  • Instructional Video
  • Comes with 2 search coils, 14 inch (35cm) double D round coil and 40x40 (1x1 meter frame coil).
  • Telescopic S-shaped shaft assembly for round coil
  • 2 different ground excluding circuits eliminate strongly mineralized soils for worldwide operation
  • 2 different target identification facilities
  • LD electronics unit
  • Carrying Case
  • Universal AC wall Charger
  • Headphones
  • Instruction manual
  • The Deepmax X3 is Now Data Logger ready!
Lorenz Deepmax X3

Retail price $10,499.00
Sale Prices Begin at $6,899.00
CAT# N147-0072

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